2D Animation Tutorial – How Professional Animators…

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  1. Mobi says:

    great tutorial.have u ever worked for any show or studio? almost impossible if u dont

  2. ghap4a says:

    Thank you very much, just now I manage to watch the video. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Brodacious says:

    It seems harsh to criticize people for not watching the Livestream. I work full-time and cannot watch livestreams usually, and I greatly enjoy the ability to rewind parts I'm confused by.

  4. Great tutorial! I love this channel.

  5. Going to show my style of my animation and then I'm going to compare your method of animation that I've been practicing.

  6. Thanks for uploading this on YouTube!! 😀

  7. Aaron Aox says:

    Great video AMB, there's so much to learn from you, you really know the ins and outs of animation. So greatful for your videos and tutorials

  8. Mat Snah says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done AMB. I am in college studying animation. Your Youtube and Facebook videos/ livestreams have helped me out immensely. I end up being one of those guys that miss a stream and have to watch it afterwords. Much love.

  9. Crazy Fox says:

    I am so thankful for these tutorials, trust me you aren't wasting your time with these videos! Keep on teachin 😀

  10. Elias says:

    I am a ver slow beginner animator; should I focus on less frames but perfect ones or should i skip some on them to be faster?

  11. I studied animation at Hertfordshire University, which is supposedly the best place in the UK to study the subject and I can tell you now that the demos you get from AMB are way better than anything you get in a classroom. I took a lot of online classes whilst at university and I learned way more there than I ever did at university. If you ask me I would say that uni is not worth the money if you want to study art, design and media.

    I've been following AMB for a few years now and would recommend him and other online learning instructors such as the ones at Schoolism.com over brick and mortar schools any day.

    Keep going AMB I love watching your videos! I think now that I've got a decent paying job that I can sign up to the academy.

  12. redfox555 says:

    So, basically, the "in betweening" doesn't need to be perfect in details. Isn't? .-.

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    Lol i used to have a VHS of Anastasia when i was a kid and used to watch it in spanish of course, cuz i didnt know any english xD

  14. Dinowulf says:

    i was hoping this one got moved to youtube. wasnt able to catch the fb stream that day. Appreciate all that you do.

  15. SuperDuper says:

    So informative, gotta catch up with my studies on animation, good stuff.

  16. loved the way you teach ❤

  17. IM IFTIKHAR says:

    the worst thing of me I can make 3d models and I can animate them but I don't know how to make 2d game character and assets is there any website I can learn 2d game art

  18. zigzag GT says:

    it's not that I don't like the streams, I'm just always in school when you start them

  19. Ryan Bowles says:

    Good video. thanks for uploading