7 Perks Of Being Quiet…

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  1. I am that kind of person who is introvert and extrovert depending on the situation. I can be quiet if i want as i can talk all day. But i am more an introvert person i must say.

  2. quiet people are adorable

  3. us quieteers know what its like huh

  4. Meagan Day says:

    I love being quiet

  5. also, we're the kind of people who are going to rule the world, because we know all your secrets as you don't notice us when sharing secrets to friends. I'm quiet af, mainly because of years of bullying, but this is how I am now and I like being this way :)

  6. this is so true and relatable

  7. ONIX F says:

    i like this guy

  8. I'm quiet and timid, but if you get to know me I can be really outgoing :D. Also I relate to all of this. I was once trying to be sarcastic to my sister and she almost killed me. Talk about serious listening.

  9. SPAKELDORF says:

    i more ignored than quit.