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The following raw footage is from an Arts Celebration displaying the artwork of Jenny Giuffrida’s students at DeZavala Elementary in San Antonio, Texas, on May 11th, 2012. Jenny Giuffrida is an Art Instructor for Southwest School of Art ,who teaches 30-students at the elementary school. She teaches the students to paint with oils, watercolors and pastels, and stimulates their thoughts using the styles and influences of the great masters in art. Giuffrida introduces young minds to the styling and methodologies of Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh, Degas and Picasso.

Once again over 100 parents, teachers and students are in attendance to De Zavala Elementary 3rd annual Arts Celebration. In the early evening of Friday May 11th 2012 at 5:30 the arts celebration began with the De Zavala Art Club Visual Arts Exhibit. Visitors view student-artist works under the direction of Jenny Giuffrida, the Visual Arts teacher.

Just after 6pm, Principal Joseph N. Cerna, who without his encouragement and support this celebration would not be possible, introduces the De Zavala Bell Choir, and the performances begin. The next act includes 2nd graders at De Zavala who dance the “Son de la Polka.” Victor Castillo, director Grupo Floklorico Mexicapan crafted the dance sequences for the 2nd grade dancers. The Mariachi “Los Paisanos” perform next. Under the direction of Claudia Ayala and Juan Ortiz, these talented singers and musicians sing popular Spanish songs. Another performance by the 2nd grade dancers to “Las Chiapanecas” entertains the audience until…

The De Zavala Dance Company, under the direction of Jodie Siegel dances to traditional Spanish music and songs. As in all the dance sequences, including the closing of the performance section of the celebration, 2nd graders dance under the direction of Castillo. Second grade dancers perform to Tilingo Lindo.

Then as the grand finale, the De Zavala Choir performs Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll play “Alice in Wonderland;” directed by Paula Foy. Performance footage is broken into 4-acts because raw footage totals over 2GB of space.

Special thanks to 2nd grade teacher Carmen C. Rubio, Principal Joseph N. Cerna, Jenny Giuffrida, Victor Castillo, Jodie Siegel, Claudia Ayala & Juan Ortiz, and Paula Foy, Fine Arts teacher. Footage was shot with a JVC JY10u at 720p on a Mini-DV tape and captured, edited and compressed using Adobe Premier CS5 for Mac.

2012 footage of Bell Choir is at: “Son de la Polka” dance is at: “Los Paisanos” is at: “Las Chiapanecas & Dance Company” is at: and “Tilingo Lingo” is at:

Alice in Wonderland play found at:
Act 1:
Act 2:
Act 3:
Act 4:

2011 footage at “Jenny Giuffrida, Art Instructor, presents the art of DeZavala Elementary students to the sounds of talented novice Mariachis,” found at:
HD footage of an Art Celebration; featuring the artwork of Jenny Giuffrida’s students at DeZavala Elementary on May 19th 2011:

2010 footage at “De Zavala Elementary Student Art & Science Club footage – May 27, 2010, found at:


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