Actor Balakrishna slaps a fan | Shocking video…


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  1. abdul azeem says:

    How people are reacting and praising him after beating also Chi. Go guys respect u r parents

  2. sairam98 says:

    maa hero maa hero ani egire vallaki ….manchi gift ichadu

  3. Santu Ganji says:

    if he is not NTR's son,
    no movies,no politics not any job.
    may be he select as a sweeper in TDP office…

  4. d. yogesh says:

    waste actor idiot fool

  5. Kumar Kumar says:

    How many times his behavior is not changing..
    Fans ki Siggu ledu first.
    even vadiki support
    Caste Kukkalu

  6. 360 Degrees says:

    Papam poragadu daduskunadu

  7. Antha worst ga behave chesina fans jai balayya anatam siggu chetu

  8. Fookat TV says:

    my Marathi actors behave so good in public thats why they have respect.

  9. Arul Nidhi says:

    Dnt u have any sense u r living with his money ly by seeing ur vomiting scenes and face in ur movie

  10. He don't deserve this respect. Fucck em

  11. DJ Bazz says:

    See clearly one white shirt guy is pushing the Yellow shirt guy on balakrishna to pick his sunglasses off the floor. And this guy gets slapped!

  12. veedi face chusthene ammanaa boothulu vasthunnai…saala ghamandi laffoot

  13. Thomas Bins says:

    how andra pradesh people bearing such waste actor and idiot human being

  14. fuz FUZ says:


  15. mobile phone anukokunda face ki tagilindhi and balayya ki kaalindhi…bugga erraga ayyindhi…annni fractions lo jarigipoyayi 😉

  16. Bevars lanjakoduku
    Modda gudu manu
    Kojja lanjakoduku ni