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  1. Nice contrast with the version of the @nonstampcollector: The Ten Commandments

  2. Philip Ding says:

    to anyone that disliked this video, because your personal disbelief in God or simply you are angry at Him.. i have a message for you, God is Love, and His love is sufficient enough to forgive you. God is reaching for you right now. For it is by His grace we are saved.

  3. Great video! One thing I would add is how Paul uses the word "Law". Paul can be confusing because he uses the Law in a wide sense and a narrow sense. In a wide sense, the Law is the Torah, all the stories, commandments, promises within the first five books of the Bible. In a narrow sense, Paul uses the word "Law" to refer to the commandments found within the Torah. In other words, God's will specifically for Israel (although he sometimes uses it to refer to God's will for all humanity, natural law).

  4. Brent Roose says:

    So does that means that if you sometimes make a mistake, you don't have the holy ghost?

  5. Brendan M says:

    When interpreting the laws of the Old Testament, especially the ritual ones, they can be tough to understand. But usually they can be explained in one of these ways:
    -It is a law to keep the Israelites, and thus the faith, distinct and pure from corruption
    -There is some piece of information that the reader is missing, such as context whether found in the text or in ancient cultures
    -A misunderstanding of terms
    -Not that unclean does not neccersarily mean sinful

    An example of this is the command to drive out the Canaanites. Some possible interpretations include that the story of Rahab were not the only people saved, but it was included at the beginning of Joshua to get the reader to think about how many people were saved. The Canaanites were aware that God was bringing judgement on them for their evil, so many would have fled. It is those who thought that they could've saved themselves from God by hiding behind walls and a city. These are just a few ways to help explain the difficult things in The Law. I hope I can be of help.

  6. I know I have only gotten through one but really enjoyed it Phoebe

  7. Melody White says:

    All of these videos are so informative, I love it. It's so cool watching these explain in clear detail things I've heard my whole life but haven't understood

  8. Luke Romer says:

    This video, like all of the other Bible Project videos, is beautifully done. The only problem with this particular video, though, is that it's wrong.

    I'll never understand why exactly, but people love to just say "Jesus fulfilled the Law". Whether it's a conscious decision, or they're simply repeating what they've heard others say – they pick this tiny piece of what the Messiah said and ignore the rest of His statement. It's never a good idea to take His words out of context, and an even stranger thing to do if you consider Him your Lord. Wouldn't you agree?

    This video takes this error even further by making that little (but hugely misunderstood) sentence fragment into a speech bubble coming right out of His mouth (at 3:55). It's interesting that they don't include His full statement. Do you think that's intentional? Let's take a look at what the Messiah actually said:

    "Don't think that I came to destroy the Law. I didn't come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth pass away, not even the smallest part of the Law will be done away with. Anyone who ignores even the smallest commandment and teaches others to do the same will be the least in the Kingdom." Matthew 5:17-19

    Now wait, is the earth still here, guys? Then the Law is too. I mean, it's right there in your bibles. When's the last time you heard your pastor quote this whole passage, though? Many never do. They just pick out the easy part, the part they like (and sometimes they put it in a cute cartoon speech bubble). I wonder why that is.

    A lot of teachers will even pretend that the Greek word pleroo (which is translated here as "fulfill") means completes, ends, or finishes. But it doesn't. It's almost the complete opposite, actually. It means "activates, brings to life, or "makes full". Think about it this way; if something "fulfills your wildest dreams", does it do away with your dreams? Of course not! It makes them a reality, right? That's what the Messiah, the Living Word, came to do. He came to make God's Law a reality in our lives – to write it on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). Not do away with it.

    It's pretty simple. We're disobedient. We always have been. That's why He gave us the Holy Spirit – to help us live holy lives. Now if that's a different meaning than what you've been told, ask Him to show you what's true. He'd love to.

    We can discuss it further, but that should be enough to get you thinking a bit more biblically. Keep in mind that when people try to simplify big concepts (as these videos aim to do), there is always gonna be a compromise somewhere. Just don't let those stylistic shortcuts, no matter how cool they look, deceive you into believing something that contradicts God's Word. Even the enemy appears as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Just remember that.

  9. Ron Keres says:

    Great job guys!

  10. hidef75 says:

    Awesome work guys! I love these videos!

  11. Nicolas B. says:

    Your project is just amazing ! It learns us very precious ideas and a good knowledge. Thanks a lot !

  12. kcvriess says:

    Thank you so much! 😀 What a wonderful way to keep on learning God's word.
    I'm in a real tight spot this month…but you guys can count on another small contribution from me next month :)

  13. Brilliant! Keep up the great work!

  14. Thank you so much guys, your stuff is really extremely well done. Love it and will be finding a way to help fund also… :-)

  15. ratman1242 says:

    if jesus healed our hearts how come we still sin?

  16. Luke Davis says:

    Great animation guys! Godbless

  17. Oyin Ade says:

    well-done. God bless you guys!

  18. You guys have really given me more clarity on the bible. Thank you! And I love Romans 13

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