Animation – Hippo Funk…

Check out Aaron’s latest short animated piece. See what happens when a hippo hears a groove he can’t resist. *** Subscribe to My Channel for More Art …



  1. wow this is great! amazingly animated and funny!

  2. The funk is real!

  3. how many frames is this, and how many do you use per second. I'm told to do 15-25, but i can never get my animations fluid enough.

  4. awesome stuff! you should animate a cartoony scene where a character (short and fat) is running and needs to stop, so he does a sliding/back pedalling kind of stop. ive been trying to find ref, cant find any! so i figured i would ask 🙂 cool!

  5. Razzy Slush says:

    maybe a tutorial on creating animal characters like this?


  7. Fresh prince of bel air and Carlton. Funny. Lol

  8. Ralph Cobbs says:

    This is great truly hilarious! I have a question did you use any rotoscoping for the dance move !

  9. hey ive been watching all your animation stuff and was wondering to work in a disney studio do i gotta know tv paint?

  10. Lol oh man this was fantastic

  11. Glad to see you're back, man. Had me worried for those 2 months you didn't upload.

  12. Bless your soul Aaron

  13. that was awesomeeeeeee, i saw it on instagram. My respects

  14. NatiCartoons says:

    Aahh this is GREAT!! God bless you Aaron Blaise and wish you a lovely day! :D

  15. Fuuu xDD one dilike :o

  16. Klymahnn says:

    It also works very well with Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" ;)

  17. Klymahnn says:

    Did you also do the moves while animating :D? It's genius!!