Bedroom SuperStar…

Everyone does it! Everyone loves it! Everyone is a secret Bedroom Superstar! Do you sing to the mirror pretending your hairbrush is a mike, or do you get your groove on and get down in your room. Whether you’re a soloist or part of a group, to all those talented bedroom singers and dancers, your time is now.

In Bedroom Superstar, contestants from around Asia can film themselves singing or dancing using their web cameras. Next they upload their videos and are judged by our Voice of Judgments or VOJs – a panel of resident judges. But the true votes are cast by the online community.

Each week one of them has to go and in the end, only one hopeful will realise his or her dream to be crowned bona fide BEDROOM SUPERSTAR.

Dance like no one is watching, sing for all the world to see. This is the first online talent competition that showcases a singing and dancing talent competition that takes place in the bedroom!


Category: Talent