Blender 2.79 Cycles denoising animation test…

Just a quick test to see how the new denoising feature behaves with animation. Youtube struggles to compress video with lots of noise so watch until the end for …


Category: Animation


  1. swifterik says:

    It's been 622 days, and Mike finally uploaded. And then he disappeared for eternity.

  2. Is this the cure of cancer

  3. is static seed better for denoising?

  4. from where download 2.79 ?

  5. HarpiaYTP says:

    if i even try to use cycles i my render get stuck

  6. MiRaje8086 says:

    Lmao you took click bate thumbnail to another dimension

  7. Where do I found the feature

  8. I have the test build with the denoise filter and I like it. Makes a world of difference.

  9. Pixelgrapher says:

    I normally wouldn't use static seed but the denoiser seems to be one exception.

  10. peonTV says:

    gpu name pls

  11. Aura Qualic says:

    Thanks for uploading this sample mate, this gave me some Idea… I see that Static seed works better in animation than dynamic

  12. Stuntkoala says:

    Very nice test. Good to know that static seed gives the best results.

  13. K Design says:

    very nice.
    link to download the test build ?

  14. This Denoiser looks to be very good, I like it much !

  15. That is crazy awesome! 😀

  16. Ihor Vusyk says:

    Is this addon or does it need to be turned on?