Bts Animation: Behind the scenes…

Behind the Scenes of Bts animations!!! BTW ARMY, BTS WON BBMAS WOOHOOO!!!!! hope you guys find my process interesting and im a living meme so …



  1. MagicNoodle says:

    i dont eat 7 bowls of bangtan crack evrey day to become normal so i am now a living meme and everything i do is weird ookaayyyyyy ;))))))

  2. Dark Angel says:

    you are like my ideal type of friend I've always wanted to have. like all of my friends are serious or too into school

  3. May I ask how old you are?

  4. The TAB Mail says:


  5. KFA TV says:

    Now I know how Jin feels when he feels like cleaning boiiiiiiiiii!!
    I'm calling Jin.

  6. aparte de hermoso, canta bien y es divertido. ok

  7. Zasminz says:

    Great video lol xDD I love how you asren't just explaining how to animate but also show your dancing and singing xDDD And its really not cringy :O how??

  8. Riley Gold says:

    i love stanning talent

  9. TaeTaeChai says:

    Omg ur so funny, one of my fav animators XD. I'm also one too.

  10. Eri Foulds says:

    I like how his clothes is just piled up in one corner


  11. Sneha Rai says:

    Wait when i come i can just laugh and record u

  12. Wen Junhui says:

    u know no chill

  13. this video made my life
    your personality and voice give me life
    your channel
    is life

  14. Okay I just want to say the thumbnail picture of your video say BehinG the Scenes lol okay im sorry bye

  15. me encantan tus videos xd dibujas hermoso….saludos desde mexico i love you

  16. this is seriously so cool
    thank you for making the animation videos because they're awesome! seriously, your animation vids are the most i look forward to out of all animation vids on YouTube.
    + i like your voice (i read this in Nate's voice, from American Hustle Life)

  17. Rei Ichikawa says:

    What do you use to draw?