Car Boys Animation – The Ocean Realm…

One of my favourite Car Boys sequences. Find Car Boys at: Find me at: …



  1. Goatmon says:

    This is wonderful. Thanks for this.

  2. EmmyBea says:

    I started watching car boys because of this video and I just got past this episode.

  3. That was transcendental.

  4. Am I the only one who low key ships Nick and Griffan?

  5. aw griffin and nick are holding hands on one point


  7. Jordan says:

    the best part about this is that you didnt even have to make considerable alterations to the visuals in order to match the dramatic audio descriptions of interdimensional purgatory. car boys was just that dramatic on its own haha

  8. genobrosX says:

    Carboys was a gift

  9. This is absolutely inspiring me to try and make a fan comic about Car Boys… If it ever comes to light, I will definitely mention this piece as inspiration.

  10. Caroline A says:

    this was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Honestly??!!! This is amazing!!!!

  11. Lena Carey says:

    This is extremely impressive and so visually appealing. The expression and subtle movement from Griffin (i.e. when he looks around the car and shakes his head) really made the scene feel more organic. I think, genuinely, that this helped me to connect more with what I was seeing. The watch as the menu was also really clever. I'm gonna rewatch this over and over now.

  12. harls says:

    Holy shit. This is incredible.

  13. Thiefree says:

    Ahhh yes. There's the deep sea terror.

  14. DaisyPeach says:

    this is so beautiful!! i love the lineless art style and you did a great job w the sea creatures!

  15. Kasa Mai says:

    i love this so much, especially the concepts of the creatures. probably my favorite episode of car boys tbh

  16. Shortly after the point where I realized that's the car Nick and Griffin will spend all of time trapped in, I began to realize the stunning level of foreshadowing in everything they were saying.

  17. CMDonovann says:


  18. atomicthumbs says:

    it's so beautiful