Destiny: Top 5 Amazing Sniper Feeds Of The Week / …

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  1. Slylyfe says:

    Shoutout to #2 for not using the 1000 Yard Stare.

  2. YOUfailME911 says:

    I laughed at the fact these guys were procing triple tap, Imagine if the last guy had a black hammer.

  3. Jason Juarez says:

    everyone useing the same 1000 miles -___- destiny why ? put one good sniper and a bunch of. ok onces this is thron all over agen lol but why lie i love that sniper >:)

  4. someone tell me the name of that sight? the blue one please. is that the ambush slh25 or what?

  5. for people who want snipers to be nerfed. you all probably just suck ass at sniping.

  6. Jason Ruelas says:

    Disliking cuz of your outro

  7. polo4744 -_- says:

    You should call it top five 1000 yard stare

  8. Look at #4s ammo count at the beginning.

  9. Donovan Roth says:

    understood but kjhovey I think makes it look easy and I do pretty well quickscoping on destiny

  10. Ray Nguyen says:

    1:45 – what scope is that.

  11. No. 5 was like "U snipe me.. i snipe ur whole fucking team m8!"

  12. Drew Wright says:

    Another video that's click bait and takes no skill.

  13. Donovan Roth says:

    love the hard scopes

  14. tegboi69 says:

    what scope is #3 using?

  15. Alan Duong says:

    I got a super clean sniper quad feed if you guys wanna check it out. Look up Westoholic Gaming and you'll find it. Thanks and have an awesome day!

  16. nice job clip 1
    i like the fact you kept on moving forward instead of camping

  17. Zombers says:

    I don't like how easy snipers are to use… Like its so easy. And then people bitch for hours about shotguns… Wouldn't be surprised if they took a huge 3rd nerf in this update. Cause Bungie listens to the community, and the community bitches about shotguns.

  18. John Aguirre says:

    I hate that outro song, It's dumb