Dunkey Animated: Skyrim [SFM]…

YE CAN’T HIT WHAT YE CANT SEE, RUDOLPH YA RED NOSE PIECE A SHIT! Enjoy guys. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6yHoSvrTss …



  1. yaslerfuj says:

    This was awesome! really good animation, I hope Doonkis has seen it :D

  2. John Snow says:

    Skyrim always saves the day

  3. ToxicEmpress says:

    Too bad he's a peasant.

  4. Dillon Foe says:

    More dunkey babey.

  5. JetF3292 says:

    WOAH.  Is that a crab with a top hat and a monacle?  THAT'S where I draw the line. C'mon Master Chief.  Let's get the FUCK outta here.

  6. deadvodka says:

    wow, at first I expected some shitty fanboi-vid, but this is a really great fanboi-vid! upvotes for you, Sir!

  7. mr skeltal says:


  8. Pika Zilla says:

    Thomas invasion? what is this Antman?

  9. Ah shit thats it?

  10. Sarah Mills says:

    I wasn't expecting this, but it's a nice surprise.

  11. Daniel Silva says:

    I know it might be a lot, but do you think you could do the epic battle from the end of this video?

  12. Harry P.C says:

    Ok a mud crab wearing a monocle, ok that's where I draw the line, come on master chief.

  13. EPiK DJ says:

    just incase you do another Q&A. Do you like Timesplitters and would you like to see the new Timesplitters Rewind. Im asking cause i heard audio (voices) from the timesplitters FP game in one of your videos

  14. Ben Jitsu says:

    well fuck me sideways at subway.  this is fantastic haha

  15. Sapher says:

    This…. is…. extremely weird.

  16. ManTel820 says:

    Yo. thanks for introducing me to Dunkey lol

  17. dr nubstein says:

    Dunkarunie for teh win

  18. you can now accurately make dunkey with the level three chin and egghead's overalls