[ENG] Produce 101 Season 2 Ep 10 | Shocking first …


  1. Vixen Ron says:

    Even though I'm a Seungwoon fan, I honestly didn't expect anything. When he wasn't called in the 16-20 I already though he's not gonna make it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his face in the screen and when I saw his face as he gets shock. He has always been deserving to be in the top 11 but he wasn't greedy for parts, screentime or anything else that's why he doesn't get noticed.
    *I know that the final ranking is unpredictable but even though Seungwoon fell in ranks at least he has to be included in the final 11.

  2. sigh TBH guanlin looked sad in this whole elimination:((((

  3. 지리 says:

    Yeah i'm happy for sungwoon but i'm sad for taehyun. I really like that guy. He is talented.

  4. KPOP says:

    After this, it was shown that the camera is faced to Sungwoon's direction. Noh Taehyun even noticed it but Sungwoon didn't think that he would be part of the top 4. Haha! I can't really explain how happy I am for him. I've been ranting about his hard work not getting any justice for so long and this happened. Wow. I'm so proud of Ha Sungwoon <3

  5. MezCharlene says:

    Hope to see comments like "sungwoon deserved it" instead of "sungwoon stole guanlin's position"

  6. No one gonna talk about Jinyoung trying to move out of his seat to see if he's really a part of Top 4 (like if the camera will follow him). Also, Guanlin is next to him….

  7. mxf says:

    Honestly I was losing hope for Sungwoon when they started announcing the higher rankings, I just prayed he could be 20th bUT WHEN HE WAS SHOWN ON SCREEN I CHOKED ON MY OWN SPIT I'M SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!! He was kicked out of 'Never', passed up by 'Open Up' and wasn't chosen as center for 'Showtime' but he still worked hard for the performance and ranked higher than all the trainees that pushed him out. Let's debut Sungwoon!!!

  8. Somehow Guanlin reminds me of Sejeong in ep10 of Season1. She looked very tired.

  9. … so wait… others are hating on sungwoon bcs of his reaction? his reaction was very natural and normal tho? why the hate?

  10. i think the only make sense explanation about this situation is, finally K-Netz realize that Ha Seunwoon really talented so they voted for him.. for Lai Guan Lin case, well.. let's be honest.. for the past elimination round K-Netz voted for 11 trainee,let's be honest, Lai Guan Lin did not as talented as the other, yes he improving, he is also my bias, but in term of skill Ha Seungwoon better, also some other trainee even the eliminated one than him.. For the 3rd elimination, K-Netz only can voted for 2 trainee only.. if i were a K-Netz i will voted for my bias only then choose randomly mostly the handsome one as my random pick to complete my 11 choice.. #ifyouknowwhatimean ps: i am Lai guan Lin bias and i am ofc sad for this shocking 1st place candidates, but i tried to analyze wht really happened without being subjective to MNet or other parties..

  11. taehyun and sungwoon's scream are music to my ears!!!!!!

  12. xx gg says:

    honestly if guan Lin eliminated their rating will drop in next episode lmao

  13. Rashana King says:

    When they announced my bias, Daniel, as 1st place I couldn't even appreciate it as much as I should've cz I was so busy crying for Guanlin. Guanlin & Seungho are like my lil chick babies 🙁 Something seems fishy with Mnet tho, his ranking fell too much.

  14. Miranda Lou says:

    Guys. Jinyoung has so little confident in himself to point where he thought that the camera was pointing to Gaunlin…he tried to dodge the camera like 3 times to make sure that it was on HIS face………because he couldn't believe that GaunLin wasnt in top 4