My Heart [Official Music Video] 2012…

Music video of My Heart by Beryl Baker. (C) 2012 My Heart Productions. Written and produced by a group of talented bay area artists* thanks to a handful of generous Kickstarter donors.

Creator / Storyboard, Beryl Baker
Video Production, Animation, Effects, Jonathan Potter
Scenic Art / Puppeteer, Alexandra Friedman
Prop Master / Puppet Coordinator, Cari Turley
Stage Management / Puppeteer, Emily Hartman Goldin
‘The Girl’ / Puppeteer, Nora Merecicky*
Rehearsal Puppeteer, Devon LaBelle

Ukulele and Lead Vocals, Beryl Baker
Standup Bass, Maia Papaya
Electric Guitar, Justin Vanegas
Backup Vocals on “My Heart,” Jessica Hartmann

*Note: Nora Merecicky’s last name was incorrectly spelled in the video credits. This has been noted and will be rectified!

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And for those of you still reading (wow, you’re really still reading?) there are many ways to have access to this song and more music by Beryl Baker:


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