Paul Zerdin: Funny Ventriloquist and Puppet Share …

A funny ventriloquist from London shares his abilities with the help of his puppet friend, Sam. See Paul Zerdin capture the audience using humor and the …



  1. I am happy he one

  2. He stole half of his set from bgt ventriloquists

  3. Little did Paul know that he would win AGT

  4. Eevee says:

    Who else thinks of Marcus Butler with his heeeellllooooo?

  5. This arena or something!!! I realized that this is where a scene in 'Smurfs 2' happened!!!

  6. Muzzayy says:

    'Start with 1(million dollars)with winning this show' – Heidi Klum

  7. Farah Saiee says:

    watching this in 2015 when he won ~

  8. JackPlays says:

    He won season 10!

  9. chanchal jha says:

    That's really really awesome … w0w (y)

  10. GInKoleT xx says:

    if i ever had a chance, i would go back in time and say
    0:44 yes heidi he will

  11. Someone Else says:

    He deserved to win

  12. Who knew he would win?

  13. 0:44 Heidi predicted Paul's win

  14. I wander where Ive seen this *cough cough jeff cough dunham cough cough*