Shocking Video Of 90’s Actress Maia Campbell Surfa…

Shocking Video Of 90’s Actress Maia Campbell Surfaces.


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  1. Jason Biggs says:

    This man is the ENEMY to black people! Help you sister instead of exploiting her. Its clear she has a mental issue.

  2. Ladies and gentleman boys and girls be the opposite of the dummy with the tattoos he's not positive he's negative a nobody trying to exploit negativity to get sum type of shine when it back fires on him!

  3. This is beyond sad.

  4. That boy is a piece of shit. i hope we can help this beautiful black women and she is ready to recieve it. Praying for her healing..

  5. TRUMPANZEE says:

    Crack… it's one helluva drug.

  6. india brown says:

    So sad this could be his mother or sister or daughter I bet he would flip the F out!! This video brings tears to my eyes Mental Health is a true illness and drug addiction as well , nothing to put on YouTube for entertainment showcase someone's downfall,,, He will have to answer to GOD for this behavior. My prayers are for you Maia Campbell

  7. flora quint says:

    People are so desperate for likes and attention nowadays. He posted this knowing it would bring him attention.

  8. Wow, this is sad!!

  9. I've always liked her. I hope she's doing better!!

  10. ShesKamiJ. says:

    Yall have to stop its not his fault that she is on drugs, that's the path she just so happen to go down. People literally record crackheads all the time…

  11. bebus98 says:

    to all you stupid ignorant people in the comments an addiction is not a mental illness they wouldn't be addicted if they never did it in the first place. basically the way I see it is you reap what you sow.

  12. CaliBudds says:

    Everyone claiming this girl was exploited is fucking retard or knows where to beg for crack. She is not mentally ill, she's a fucking crackhead ex-actress who knows how to game the system you dumbfucks. End of story.

  13. this scum bag….why is he filming her doing this

  14. Yaya Haiti says:

    i really hate this dude….
    even though I don't know him….he made her pump his gas!!! what a diiiick!!!!!! yo this guy is the lowest of the low, thinks he's better than somebody and filming the girl while looking like that.
    if you in your right mind you don't take advantage of someone that is clearly NoT thinking right..

  15. That is sad…dirt bag negro. And for the record, Israelite women are wearing their real hair now.