Shocking Viral Video Exposed (The Steve Wilkos Sho…

There is a disturbing video circulating online that contains a mother admitting to molesting her own daughter. Natasha and Enosha are here to prove that it was a …



  1. Andy Hong says:

    Of course it's black girls. I'm not racist to any race, everyone's different. But this is why I never had a thing for girls of that race. Because they do cowardish things like this.

  2. Eclipse Yum says:

    This destroyed hole life is this fake or not

  3. I thought Steve already covered this story with the mother and daughter, because I remember awhile back that he did in one of his episodes, but I just think that this is just a reupload? I could be wrong, but it's just what I think.

  4. Meenakshi says:

    When does this air?

  5. Even if it was just a joke you don't just suck your daughters titty. Fucking demented ass people.

  6. Pair of sick bitches

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  8. Doing it for DNA- Dick N Attention

  9. Lil Ash says:

    The mother & the daughter are both dumb & sick asf. You don't play with shit like that.