The Try Guys Try Therapy…

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  1. chels e. says:

    I want to hug them all, they've all made me happy at some point or another and I'm so greatful ❤

  2. This was great. Thank you for shining a light on the fact that not everybody that goes to therapy is depressed, and that sometimes therapy is uncomfortable. I sure as hell get uncomfortable during therapy and I've been going for three years.

  3. It's okay Eugene. Thanks for being honest

  4. Aika Kwong says:

    I'm the hospital waiting for an assessment and I'm terribly nervous and hoping that this video will help calm me down :))

  5. I actually wanna marry Zach because he is perfect

  6. Joyce Lee says:


  7. I actually really liked this video

  8. Little Tulip says:

    Therapy can be extremly helpful. Some therapist ate good, some are bad. It's also about wanting to have therapy and wanting to recover.And some times you're so extremly sick (suicidal, having extrem psychosis, nearly dying from an eating disorder etc.) that only a professional can help you.
    And I can really sympthasize with Zach and he seems to be a realpy sweet person.

  9. Keith don't you ever change

  10. Mayela Gisel says:

    Zach is my favorite try guy and the try guys definitely make the best buzzfeed videos love them

  11. This is my favorite try guys video tbh

  12. Anna Lena says:

    I honestly think more people should go to therapy. We're so used to keeping things bottled up and to deal with problems ourselves, when that's not helpful in any way. And it's not a bad thing at all to go see a therapist, that person was trained to help and to make you gain insight in yourself, so if you feel like you can't deal with things on your own anymore, just go to therapy 🙂 There's always a way to get through .

  13. That's…so weird…I relate to Eugene quite a bit….

  14. Awww! Zach is great!! He's perfect just the way he is!!

  15. Man, this is something that i've always wanted to try

  16. RubyTigress says:

    I am the Zach of my group and I just relate so much omfg

  17. Victoria Fu says:

    how can eugene pull off a deep neck shirt??